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QWeb Ltd

QWeb Ltd is an award winning web & game development agency from Leeds, England.


Established in February 2013, we've designed and built websites and mobile apps for hundreds of clients.

We've helped individuals by designing their brand identity and website, building and hosting their ideas, and by supporting them with their new business.

We've impressed big brands by providing them with design and development services that exceed expectations and by building complex systems that other agencies thought weren't feasible.

And we've supported dozens of other design agencies by building the products that they've conceptualised with their clients, however challenging they are.

In 2018 we rebranded and ventured into game design. Our founder Ric learned to code in the 90s, building small DOS and Windows 98 games, so despite our lack of commercial experience in this field, we're just as passionate about games as we are about web.

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