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An experienced self-taught music composer who with a big love for game music.


An experienced self-taught music composer who has a genuine passion for game music especially. From a very early age of 5 or 6, I used to record on cassettes by placing the recorder next to the TV speaker to record those beautiful unique melodies and harmonies coming from my NES, which took my mind to places no other music had ever done. I then proceeded to take all the tapes with me everywhere I went with my Moving Sound walkman (I had the one shaped like a slice of pizza)  Since then I forged a close bond with this type of music and it felt like I understood it. And so I began to pursue music creation by myself in my free time a few years later. I also love producing remasters / covers of retro video game music. Current day, I am bringing my work to the online world and sincerely hope you all enjoy it and find useful!

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