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IMAscore is a leading audio production studio from Germany founded in 2009.


IMAscore is a leading audio production studio, bringing to you cutting edge music and sound since 2009. We are a team of composers and sound designers and proved our versatility with hundreds of projects we’re proud to be a part of, from Trailer Music for blockbuster movies – like Disney’s The Lion King or AAA games like Final Fantasy XV, The Elder Scrolls: Online or Call of Duty WWII – to all those small and big projects from all kinds of areas.

And you know what? We love games – we always did! That’s why we want to give your projects the high-quality audio they deserve, with releases designed to meet the needs of the game industry. Rest assured: This is just the beginning of a highscore beating, emotion blasting and goosebumps creating relationship!

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for in the asset packs we’re offering right now, we know how to handle your very individual ideas and wishes! You won’t regret getting in touch with us!

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