Vendor FAQ

Who can be a Vendor on the Corona Marketplace?

Anyone can be a Vendor on the Corona Marketplace. All plugins and assets can be submitted for consideration and inclusion in the Corona Marketplace. You become a Vendor once your first plugin or asset has been approved to be included in the Corona Marketplace.

What is the difference between a Plugin and an Asset?

In general, a plugin allows a developer to extend the functionality of Corona that it doesn’t have, from integrating popular monetization services to giving access to libraries that would save you time from having to create from scratch. You can learn more about what a Corona plugin is here.

Assets are a collection of creative materials you can directly and readily use in your projects. These can range from as simple as a collection of audio/image files to complete game projects that are ready to deploy and be tweaked to your own tastes.

How do I submit a Corona Plugin or an Asset?

Please first read our Corona Marketplace Vendor Agreement for legal information and our Corona Marketplace Submission Guidelines to help you prepare for what we’re looking for in a plugin or asset.

Before submitting a plugin, be sure you have the following prepared:

  • * Binaries for every platform the plugin targets. See the plugin submission guide for more information.
  • * Complete documentation of the plugin’s features and limitations. Have a link ready, pointing to the website hosting your documentation.
  • * A robust sample app that demonstrates the usage of the plugin. The sample is also required to test your plugin, prior to approval.
  • A BitBucket account.

Before submitting an asset, be sure you have the following prepared:

  • A zip file including your asset’s entirety and a readme file describing the product and any pertinent information about the asset.
  • Please make sure your asset is organized in a clear and concise manner, read through our Corona Marketplace Submission Guidelines to learn about the general structure we’re looking for.

When you are ready, fill out the Corona Marketplace "Sell your Product" form. and we will get back to you soon. You must first already have a Corona Labs Account and be logged in. If not, you can create a new account here.

What type of Corona Plugins can I make?

We want to see all types of Corona Plugins made and there are hundreds of possibilities. For great ideas on what type of Plugins would resonate well with the Corona developer community please check out our Corona Feedback Requests Page.

If you’re interested in submitting a monetization plugin, we’d love to work with you. Please contact

What do I need to build a Corona Plugin?

Plugins can be made either with native languages like Objective-C or Java, which are needed to access native libraries, or they can be written in pure Lua.

For native plugins, you need access to a trial license (or a full license) of Corona Enterprise. To get the trial, email us at and we’ll get you set up.

Where can I find sample code on how to write a Corona plugin?

Many of the plugins in the Corona Marketplace are available as open source under the MIT License and are great examples of how to build a robust plugin. You can find them here.

Once I have a Plugin or Asset to submit, what’s the approval process like?

After you submitted your Corona Marketplace "Sell your Product" form , please allow us up to 5 business days to review your plugin or asset (your product). Once the review process is complete we will choose to either approve or reject your product.

If approved:

We will notify you of the approval of your product and you will see your product’s entry ready to be edited with your Vendor Controls in your Corona Marketplace Account Page. These controls are not visible until your first product has been approved.

If rejected:

If your product submission is not a feasible product, we will let you know the reason why. If not, we will reach out to you and start a correspondence with you to prepare your product to be Marketplace ready.

Once I have a Plugin or Asset approved, will I be able to control how it is displayed on the Marketplace?

Yes. Once your plugin or asset (your product) is approved you can edit your Vendor Details and Product Details using your Vendor Controls in your Corona Marketplace Account Page . These controls are not available to you until your first product has been approved. Some of your Vendor Details will determine how your Vendor Profile page will look on the Marketplace and you can edit your Product’s Details to control how it’s Marketplace page will look like.

By default, your product’s status will be ‘Hidden’ after approval so you can edit your Vendor and Product Details to your liking until you’re ready to set your product page’s to be ‘Active’.

Will I be able to charge for my approved Plugins or Assets I’ve submitted to the Marketplace?

Yes. Payment will be on a per-user basis, for unlimited number of apps and use. You may choose to sell you plugins either under a subscription basis (per month or per year Subscription License) or as a one time payment basis (Perpetual License). Assets are only sold under a Perpetual License. Please read our Corona Marketplace EULA that covers the enduser use of the plugins and assets you sell. You are free to set your own price for your plugins and assets.

Will Corona Labs get a revenue share of the revenue?

Yes. We will take a 30% revenue share for any plugin or asset sales.

How will I get paid?

We are using Paypal to transfer funds that you’ve earned to your Paypal account. We are working to include other payout methods in the future, but in the meantime, please contact us to explore other options if Paypal isn’t available to you.

Payment is paid out by request with a minimum request of $50 USD. Please allow up to 5 business days for your payout request to be approved and processed.