Corona Enterprise

License Type Corona Enterprise Small Business
Price $ 948.00

Corona Enterprise builds on the speed and power of Corona SDK, the leading 2D mobile development platform and adds the ability to call any native (C/C++/Obj-C/Java) library. Corona Enterprise is used by sophisticated independent developers, leading studios, agencies and global corporations. This is for when you need more flexibility, more customizability and tighter control over your Corona Project that Corona SDK doesn’t provide. Learn more about Enterprise here.

This purchase is for the Corona Enterprise Small Business License Type which gives you the same features as our free Corona SDK plus:

  • • Native libraries/APIs
  • • Offline builds
  • • Revenue limit: Yearly $500,000 USD
  • • No Required Splash Screen

We also offer a more robust Corona Enterprise Unlimited License Type here.

**Please note it can take 12-24 hours before the license is applied your account.