GBC Object Pool

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GBC Object Pool allows the Corona developer to easily and quickly implement object pooling within an application. Using two lines of code, you can create an object pool.

GBC Object Pool provides the following:

Increase in Speed - Pooling is faster than repeated create/destroy code. GBC Object Pool reduces stutter when a large number of objects are needed at once. In addition, GBC Object Pool is optimized to provide objects quickly.

Object Reuse - Creating and destroying the same objects over and over is a waste of resources. GBC Object Pool allows you to create a pool of similar objects and reuse them throughout the life of your app.

Eliminates Garbage Collection - Lua's garbage collection routines run in the background when objects are destroyed. This can cause stutters in your app when large amounts of memory are reclaimed. Pooling does not destroy objects, so there is no garbage collection nessessary.

GBC Object Pool removes the complexity of object pooling from the developer and optimizes the management of object reuse.

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Feb 11, 2017
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Feb 02, 2017
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