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The Ultimate Game Music Collection - Music For Any Game


The Ultimate Game Music Collection is the definitive video game stock music pack. Including over 140 tracks, loops and musical cues from 9 popular packs. At 2.5GB, it offers a huge library of versatile music, for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything! All at an incredibly low price.


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The Ultimate Collection Includes: 


- Combat Music 

- Casual Game Music 

- Space Music 

- Ambient Music 

- Dungeon Music 

- Fantasy Orchestral Music 

- Themed Location Music 

- Short Cues 

- Sneaking & Espionage Music 

- Title & Trailer Music 

- Seasonal Music 

- Win / Lose Cues, Horror Scares 

- 3 Star Cues 

- Quest FX, Waypoint Cues 

- and more... 



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Apr 03 2018

Nov 22 2016


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