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This pack is a complete package that is intended to be a simple solution to racing games audio in a wide variety of gameplay scenarios from rally simulation to the demolition derby genre. It features multiple engine and foley sounds, each of them designed to fit diverse implementation methods like RPM layering or looping acceleration.

The lib contains 4 different types of audio sampled from European cars, each with 2 types of engine modeling system, drive-by, foley and interior sounds with the addition of designed turbo and nitro samples. It's easy to setup, multiple use sample pack that gets the auto racing or sim game sound right with little effort.

Engine Sounds
There are two types of samples for engine audio systems: recorded audio of acceleration from 0 to max and seamless loops of constant RPM within stationary and moving conditions (static and steady) thus allowing flexibility for integration. RPM values for engine drive stay within these ranges 0-1000 (idle) 1000 - 2500 (low) 3000-4000 (med) 4000 to 6500 or max (high).

Provided in the pack are air release sounds designed for turbo-charged engines.

Interior recordings such as ignitions, door open and close, door pedals, gear changing, signal light indicators and horn are included.

Drive-by exterior samples for each auto model can be found inside the pack.

Designed Sounds
Audio that can be used for boosting events (think nitrous oxide) has been designed and included in the sample library to be used at your leisure.
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Apr 03 2018

Oct 24 2017


Initial release