Evolving Atmospheres

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Made from a combination of high-quality field recordings and powerful synthesis and editing, this pack of sonic atmospheres is designed with all genres in mind. The pack includes 25 seamlessly looping and non-looping atmospheres of varying intensity and feel, totaling 1 hour and 25 minutes of audio, split up into two categories: Cinematic and Abstract. It also contains two 15-minute-long mixes with varied feels. From high-tension to peaceful serenity and everything in between, Evolving Atmospheres will breath sonic life and character into your project, whatever the style.


Technical Details
  • All files are 16-bit stereo .WAVs / 44.1kHz
  • Total number of audio tracks: 27
  • Total minutes of audio: 1:24:53 (not including looping versions)
  • Audio loops: Yes
  • Note: This pack is a 1.3 GB download
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Additional information

Apr 03 2018

Feb 16 2017


Initial Version