Casual Game Music Pack Vol. 1

John Leonard French Music & Audio / Music


The Casual Game Music Pack is a compact collection of background music and title themes written especially for fun, casual games.


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IMPORTANT: This pack is included, in full, in the Ultimate Game Music Collection which is also available on the Corona Marketplace.


Vol. 1 includes plucked strings, harps, bassoon, marimba, and percussion. Included in addition to the 9 original tracks are win and lose cues, score counter sound effects, combo scales and sets of sounds for games with three star scoring systems for a complete audio solution.


The pack includes:


- Awkward Loop

- Confused Loop

- Harp & Pizz Loop

- Laid Back Loop

- Lighthearted Loop

- x2 Title Themes, Banjo Loop & Playtime

- x6 Win & Lose Cues

- x4 Drum Loops

- x2 Combo Scales

- x4 Bonus Score Counters

- x2 Bonus Tracks, Funky Bass & Pretty

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Apr 03 2018

Nov 17 2016


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