Bullet Impact Sounds

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Bullet Impact Sounds contains 153 bullet sound effects (23 bullet fly-bys and 130 bullet impacts). This is a perfect collection of bullet sounds suitable for all types of game developers, ready to use and designed by award winning sound designers.

Bullet impacts cover 16 different surfaces: body flesh, body thump, concrete/brick, dirt, grass, rock, gravel, glass, light metal, heavy metal, light wood, heavy wood, water, mud, snow, and ice. Each surface has 8-9 sound variations.

See the full sound list here.
Listen to the audio preview here.

This sound pack also includes a variety of 150 bonus sounds effects from our full library Pro Sound Collection which features over 4800 sound effects. ALL sounds from Bullet Impact Sounds are included in the Pro Sound Collection, so if you need more sounds be sure to check out our full collection.
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Apr 03 2018

Mar 28 2017


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