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This the MIDI version of this song.

Like the song but you think you can improve it in some way? Or change it to be more fitting of a certain situation in your project? Maybe you do not think the mastering is right for your game?  Well, MIDIs give you the opportunity to access the "bare bones" of a song and gives you unlimited creative possibilities to remaster, remix or even make something new out of it.  


By purchasing this you are getting unlimited creative power over it but also you'll get the right to do whatever you choose with your creations derivative of this and yes that means commercial, too; as long as you follow the rules: Must be different from the original (different Melody and accompaniment that means different notes and rhythm. Drums can be the same however)!  MIDIs are great for learning as well! Remixes are okay to use non-commercially by itself, however, you can use remixes of this song on your own game/project even if the game/project is commercial, as long as you are not selling the song as a stand-alone product!

Have fun!

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Nov 09 2019

Nov 07 2019