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Animal Sounds is a fun and one-of-a-kind animal sound library. It contains a massive 1212 sound effects and consists of both studio recordings and on-location nature recordings.

This sound pack contains 2 parts:
  1. 1085 animal impersonations by professional voice actors. Animals included: bear, cat, chicken, cow, crow/raven, dogs (small+large), duck, frog, goat, gorilla, hippo, horse, hyena, lizard, monkey, mouse, owl, pig, peacock, pigeon, rabbit, seagull, seal/walrus, sheep, snake, sparrow, Tasmanian devil (comical), turkey/ostrich, tweety bird, vulture, wolf, zebra.
  2. 127 nature recordings of ambiences, birds, swamps, and others.
See the full sound list here.
Listen to the audio preview here.

ALL sounds from Animal Sounds are included in the Pro Sound Collection, our complete sound library featuring over 4800 sound effects, so if you need more sounds be sure to check out our full collection.
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Apr 03 2018

Jul 27 2017


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