Top-Down 2D Terrain Tiles

David Baumgart Graphics / Environments


This is a set of 128×128 pixel terrain tiles drawn for games using a top-down perspective, evoking classic strategy games and RPGs from the 1990s.

This set provides 8 tiling terrain bases:
  • 4× grass (basic)
  • 4× grass (bright)
  • 4× grass (dark)
  • 4× grass (dry)
  • 4× dirt
  • 4× desert
  • 4× snow
  • 8× water
All tiles are provided as alpha .PNG tile sheets/atlases that are sized in powers of 2. All land terrain bases have a tile sheet of edge transition tiles in case you want to use those to handle edges between terrain types (otherwise, a simple blend will look good in most cases).
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Apr 03 2018

Feb 15 2017


- Consolidated coast transitions into one sheet, redid mask, corrected some minor errors<br>
- Redraw all terrain transitions, ad...
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