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indian Chief animated character.

3D character rendered from 8 angles, every 45 degrees.

- Stand (Idle)
- Stand and Hit
- Walk
- Walk and Hit
- Stand and Fire with Flame
- Stand and Fire no Flame
- Flame
- Teleport in and Out v1
- Teleport in and Out v2
- Death

The character is about 155 pixels in height. All animations are packed using TexturePacker software into spritesheets. Animations are packed in different variations: standard, 2xframes (double frame count) and compact (packed and cleaned in some places) Separate frames included.

All images are in PNG file format, optimized.

Also exported for UNITY game engine. Prefabs created.

Separate frames included.

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Nov 12 2018

Nov 08 2018


Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS