Electric Field Sprite Animation

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2D Electric field sprites that you can use in video and most game engines like Unity and Corona.

  • 30 frames beginning, 30 frames loopable, 30 frames ending, total 90 frames


2 Sizes

  1. 256px x 256px
  2. 512px x 512px


4 Stages
Each size contains all four folders.

  • 00 Full: contain the whole 90 frames animation
  • 01 Start: contain the beginning of the animation for 30 frames
  • 02 Loop: contain the loopable part of the animation for 30 frames and support seamless loop
  • 03 End: contain the end of the animation for 30 frames


3 Formats
Each folder contains sprites in

  1. Sprite sheet,
  2. Individual images for every frame,
  3. GIFs (with black backgrounds)

with transparent backgrounds.

Although GIFs are included, creating a new version of GIF out of individual images provided is recommended for customizing the duration of animations.

The sprite sheets have been already configured for Corona and sliced in Unity.

Hope to see you again.


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Oct 22 2018

Oct 16 2018


Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS