Desert 2D Tileset and Background

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This "Desert 2D Tileset and Background" is designed for you that want to make a game with desert-themed 2d game.

Features :

  1. File Included : png, ai, eps
  2. Up to 512px png files
  3. Editable and Resizable

Contains :

  1. Tileset (Ground and Water)
  2. Environtment (Tree, Ladder, Box, Grass, Sign, and ect.)
  3. Collectable (Coin, Heart, Diamond, Star, and etc.)
  4. Parallax Background (Giant Tree, Moon, Mountain)

Character and Enemies on preview, is not included! You can find them in my portofolio!

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Additional information

May 22 2018

May 22 2018


Android , HTML5 , iOS