Anime Character Pack

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This professionally-designed Anime Character Pack contains over 90 high-quality animations, perfect for use in any 2D game. The pack contains six original cute characters, crafted to shoot you with joy and bombard you with their colorful magic. Each was created with bone animation then customized in Photoshop for a more authentic look.

Animations are of 3 female characters (Fiona, Marina, Kosara) and 3 male characters (Igor, Ravi, Mo). They include:
  • Idle State
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Kneel
  • Jump
  • Fall
  • Hurt
  • Die
  • Attack — bow/arrow, chained mace, hammer, shoot, kneel and shoot, slash (sword), throw (grenade).
There are also separate sprites of the weapons (bullets and futuristic gun, bow and flying arrow), a cool exploding animation, additional blood splatter, and an experimental neon background (full HD resolution).
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Apr 03 2018

Dec 30 2016


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