2D Jungle Coast Tile Set and Decals

Beatheart Graphics / Environments Tilesets


This asset contains a Jungle coast tileset along with a set of decals. It includes:
  • 9 main tiles:€“ center, left the side, right side, top, bottom and 4 corners
  • 2 water color and texture variations
  • 50 PNG decals ( branches, bushes, flowers, grass, palms, sand, shells, small plants, dry grass, stones, straw )
  • 40 PNG tiles (transparent without water, 2 variations of tiles with water)
  • 2 retina sized (1536x2048) PNG backgrounds for top-down scrolling game + PSD to create your own variations
  • 37 tree tops to create top parallax layer for top-down scrolling game in separate images, sprite sheets and full retina sized (1536x2048) layers
  • 6 tree tops shadows

All tiles come with alpha and without alpha channels and are seamless. Sizes of tiles are 256x—256 and additional tiles are 512x—256 and 512x—512. Branches, bushes, flowers, grass, palms, sand, shells, small plants, stones, and straws in sizes from 50x—50 to 270x—270. PSD included.
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Apr 03 2018

Jan 16 2018


Initial release