2D Desert Jungle Construction Set

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This asset contains a set of background images made for 2D games. Game backgrounds are retina sized (2048x1536) for top-down isometric scrolling games. It also includes treetops and tree shadows. Other elements include stones, trees, bushes, grass, flowers, etc. You can use the included PSDs to make your own backgrounds. Tiles and other elements are in separate layers.

  • 24 background images 1536x—2048 (RETINA SIZE)
  • 25 grass/bush/flower images
  • 12 stones
  • 29 trees
  • 6 tree shadows
  • 3 big 1536x—2048 tree tops
  • 2 tree tops spritesheets
  • 32 separate tree tops
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Apr 03 2018

Jan 16 2018


Initial release