16x16 Dungeon Crawl Assets

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"16x16 Dungeon Crawl Assets" is a collection of trichromatic tiles, objects and monsters, all 16x16 pixels in size.

The theme and the orthogonal perspective are inspired by the Zelda underground dungeons, but meant to be used for turn-based roguelikes and dungeon crawlers, but with some additional effects and animations, it could be also used for games with an active movement. All graphics use 3 colors only, which can be easily changed with any proper graphics program (like GIMP) or, depending on the framework/engine, in-game. With this color palette restriction and by scaling up the graphics, you can easily achieve a "Game Boy"-like aesthetic or use the assets in fantasy consoles like PICO-8, where color and size restrictions are relevant.

The contents are:

  • 30 Monsters (in two variants: with and without border)
  • 43 Objects/Items
  • 59 Tiles (422 counting different variations and directions)

The graphics come in one spritesheet as well as in the form of single PNG files. There is also a little example dungeon made in TILED and exported as both a project file and a PNG file together with some explanation text to show off some of the tiles, objects and monsters.

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Mar 13 2019

Dec 06 2016


Initial Version

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