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The VK Direct Games plugin, simple wrapper for VK Mobile. For more information please, refer to Mobile Client API documentation.

Note, that APIs would actually work only when app is ran as VK Direct Game on mobile device. To learn more about how to create and deploy your applications see Direct Games documentation.

VK is the single largest European social network. Every month, more than 97 million users visit the network.

Direct Games – an HTML5-based platform for games that can be launched within VK mobile applications.

To interact with HTML5 projects using a native interface on mobile VK iOS or Android apps, developers need to integrate the JS-library Mobile SDK into their games. The principles for working with Mobile SDK are very similar to standard Javascript SDK for iFrame apps. You can enable JS-files on pages using an app and communicate further with VK object methods.

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Apr 19 2018

Dec 13 2017


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