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NOTE: This plugin is free but requires the paid Admob plugin or the Pro Bundle. It will not work standalone.

Corona plugin-in to use Tappx cross-promotion service. Allowing you to give impressions in your game in return for impressions on other games.


  1. Buy and activate either Admob Plugin or Pro Bundle.
  2. Activate this plugin.
  3. Register at tappx to use the service and follow directions to add your app to the console. If you want to give me credit for using tappx use this link https://www.tappx.com/?h=a386595d4c1005fd21b82c8a44d45766 to register.
  4. Add the following value to your build settings:

    ["plugin.tappx"] = { publisherId = "com.cabagomez", supportedPlatforms = { ["android"] = true } }

  5. Plugin supports Android 16 and above. Add to your build settings file:

    minSdkVersion = "16"

  6. Follow the directions on the Tappx site to add tappx to the Admob waterfall.

  7. Sample app can be found here: https://github.com/agramonte/corona-tappx-plugin

I am no way affiliated or receive any compensation monetary or otherwise from Tappx. Tappx is not aware of or supports this plugin.

Not a monetization plugin. I have not tested the monetization portion of their service and none of the monetization methods have been exposed. This plugin is strictly created for the cross-promotion element of Tappx.

Only Available on Android. The iOS version caused stability issues in my testing and will be delayed until they release a new version that I can retest.



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Aug 15 2019

Jul 18 2019