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Use powerful, object-oriented programming in your Lua code and get to market faster

The Lua class plugin lets you use object-oriented programming like in other class-based programming languages. Define your first class in Lua with a few simple lines of code.

Drastically reduce your coding efforts

By using the Lua class plugin you will greatly improve your programming performance and reduce the time spent on your projects. Your code will become neatly organized and easy to manage. Don't want to repeat yourself? No problem, just use inheritance and multiple inheritance and you are ready to go.

  • Reduce the time and efforts you spent on coding in Lua
  • Greatly increase the reusability and maintainability of your source code
  • Learn new patterns and obtain skills in Lua

The Lua Class plugin comes with several handy examples which will walk you through the important steps you need to know when starting to use object-oriented programming in Lua.

Combine with your Corona projects for breakthrough effect

Specifically built for Corona this plugin will help you speed up your workflow.
Create all of your classes (characters, enemies, obstacles, powerups, collectibles ) in a single easy to manage file or if you prefer, use one file per class. Combine the behavioral traits of your game objects using inheritance and multiple inheritance. Using the object-oriented approach in Lua will also help in the process of debugging and fixing the issues in your code much faster so you can launch your game as soon as possible.

Defining a class in Lua has never been so simple.

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Nov 24 2018

Dec 04 2017


Initial version

Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

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