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Speed up your troubleshooting and problem solving! No need to pollute your logs of endless lines of uninteresting logs.

Logger is a utility plugin to aid in development and troubleshooting of applications built with Corona. In short, it supports multiple log levels, log channel per message, logging of complex types, and it prints the source file, function, and line number where the call was made.

Quick start


['plugin.logger'] = {"publisherId = com.yogergames"}


local logger = require("plugin.logger")

local logOptions = {}

logOptions.highlight_errors = true

logOptions.highlight_warnings = true

logOptions.log_levels = {

   global = logger.LEVELS.WARNING, -- Will set log level WARNING for GLOBAL channel

   main = logger.LEVELS.DUMP



Start logging

logger.error("main", "print an error from channel main")

logger.warning("main", "print a warning from channel main")

logger.log("main", "print a log message from channel main")

logger.debug("main", "print a debug message from channel main")

logger.dump("main", "print a dump message from channel main")

This package makes use of JSON Encode/Decode in Pure Lua by Jeffrey Friedl, which is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported license.


Additional information

May 25 2018

May 24 2018


* Corrected some spelling errors
* Improved robustness
* Removed the need to initialize

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Android , Windows , iOS , macOS , tvOS

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