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KIDOZ is the world’s largest content discovery platform for kids. KIDOZ serves as a leading COPPA-compliant solution for thousands of kid-focused apps to monetize their traffic in the safest user environment for kids.

The plugin will allow developers to integrate with KIDOZ Network to generate revenue and available for free for all developers and can be easily integrated with apps in minutes by adding a few lines of code.

KIDOZ has some unique ad types:

  • KIDOZ SDK Panel View. A view that can slide in/out with minimal impact to the user experience.

  • Feed View. A button which will reveal a full screen of ads.

  • Flexi View (Android only). A small interactive view which hovers over the screen content.

  • Banner (Android only). A standard 320×50 banner ad that can be shown at the top or bottom of the screen.

  • Interstitial (Android only). A standard full-screen ad.


Additional information

Apr 04 2018

May 28 2016


Initial version

Android , iOS

Ad units supported COPPA-compliant child-safe ads

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