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The inMobi plugin allows developers to monetize their mobile app with inMobi ads.   

Ad units supported Banner, Static Interstitial.

Unlike most ad providers that provide a fixed size for banner ads, InMobi has a “best fit” model which allows you to specify other sizes. For instance, if you want a 300×100 banner, InMobi will attempt to deliver an ad of that size (or very close). If there is no inventory for your requested size and InMobi can’t provide a “best fit” ad, they will drop back to a standard 320×50 banner ad.

InMobi allows you to turn on “automatic refreshing” of banner ads. If you enable it, the default ad refresh cycle is 60 seconds, but that time can also be customized. Just remember that your revenue from ads is not based on the number of ads delivered, but on the number of ads that users interact with. So, a faster ad rotation will not necessarily translate to better revenue, and in fact, it may negatively impact the user’s experience.


Additional information

Apr 04 2018

Apr 14 2016


Initial version

Android , iOS

Ad units supported banner, static Interstitial.

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