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The impack (IMage PACKage) plugin contains various utilities to read, write, and manipulate image data:
  • Load images from multiple formats, for example .PNG, .JPEG, .BMP, .TGA, and .PSD.
  • Images are loaded as RGB or RGBA byte streams which may be used to populate compatible display objects, for instance via the Bytemap plugin.
  • .GIF support (both saving and loading).
  • Save byte streams in various formats.
  • Save and load supports both file- and memory-based operations.
  • Build .MPEG videos out of individual frames.
  • Integration with r-lyeh's Spot (still experimental), providing filters, support for .WEBP, .SVG, etc.
  • Perform various operations on byte streams including box filters, rotation, resize, byte to/from float, and more.
  • Grayscale conversions.
  • Signed distance fields.
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Apr 03 2018

Oct 17 2016


Initial version

Android 2.3+ , iOS 8 , macOS 10.10+ , tvOS 9+

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