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Ever need to control the progress of a transition manually? With eTransition, you can pass timeElapsed as param in your Corona transitions. eTransition behaves exactly the same Corona's built in transition.to function, but has an extra param timeElapsed which will position your animated object to the exact location it would be at if it were progressed into the animation at that exact time.

For example:

eTransition.set( obj, {time=1000, timeElapsed=570, x=100}, {x=0} )

Running this set function will instantaneously position your obj 500 ms into it's 1000 ms transition from x=0 to x=100. The result will be the obj's x being set 570 of 1000 ms through the transition, so 57% between 0 and 100...the obj is set to x=57.

You can all of the params you're familar with from transition.to. This includes:

  • time
  • transition (the easing function you choose)
  • delay
  • iterations

And more such as:

  • timeElapsed (ms progressed into the transition)
  • backwardsIterations (iterations, but backwards if a negative timeElapsed it provided)

I built to plugin when I was creating an instant reply system for my game which required. It's perfect if you want to manually transition your objects in your game loop through iteration.

Example code: https://github.com/joehinkle11/Exact-Transition-Corona-Plugin-Example

Documentation: https://www.joehinkle.io/etransition


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Jun 14 2019

Jun 04 2019


Android , HTML5 , Windows , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

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