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The Dynamic Shader plugin can be used in your Corona project to create 3D shading for your 2D artwork. This shading occurs dynamically in real time, updating every frame, allowing for vivid expressions of mood and atmosphere. The best thing about the Dynamic Shader is its ease of use. It only takes 4 steps and a few lines of code to add dynamic lighting to your app!

Visit the visual quickstart guide to see how easy it is to add 3D shading to your 2D world. You will simply need to generate a normal map file for each image you want to shade. We suggest trying the Sprite Illuminator free trial.

Also, please see our video demo of the plugin in action.

NOTE: At this time there is no support for image sheets.

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Apr 03 2018

Jan 18 2017


Initial version

Android 4 , iOS 9+

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