Sticker Knight Platformer

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This is an open-source prototype of a fantasy-themed platformer game. It's not a complete game, but a starting point for learning modern game programming techniques using Corona and Lua. It includes free-to-use modules for common game functions including:

  • Platformer hero
  • Enemies, pickups, spikes, and exits
  • Tiled map import
  • Score counter
  • Game FX package (ponyfx.lua)

This is the second part of Ponywolf's series of projects which aim to help new developers use Corona while also sharing solid game design concepts. Part 1 is Match 3 Space RPG and Part 3 is Endless Sk8boarder.

Price Free

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Apr 05 2018

Dec 08 2016


Initial Version


Android , Mac OS X , Windows , iOS


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