Ragdoll Football

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Swipe the ball to hit the goal! Play football, score goals and have fun!

This is funny football/soccer game. Your goal is to solve puzzles and score goals.

Crazy ragdoll goalkeepers will try to stop you.

This is physics-based Angry Birds style game with set of fully completed 20 levels, where your target is to shoot the ball into the goal. You should avoid AI enemy ragdoll goalkeepers and lots of different obstacles. This is a full, complete project  with lots of game mechanics.

This project was built using MVC pattern and best lua OOP practices.


This project includes:

  • Level select menu (/LevelSelectModule/View.lua)
  • Settings menu (/frm_settings.lua) where you can
    • Change ball skins
    • Turn on/off sounds
  • 20 completed levels (Levels/Level1/View.lua - Levels/Level20/View.lua)
  • Loading scene (Levels/LoadingScene.lua)
  • Game objects (classes)
  • Ad manager (uses Appodeal) (/AdManager.lua)
  • Sound Manager
  • Google Analytics (/LoggingManager)
  • SFX Manager (/Utilities/SfxManager.lua)
  • and a lot more


To add new level do the following:

  • Duplicate one of the “Level1-20” folders and rename it to “Level21”
  • Open file /Levels/Level21/View.lua and change level number on line 9

               local controller = require("Levels.Level21.Controller")

  • Open file /Levels/Level21/Controller.lua and change level number on line 2

               local model = require("Levels.Level21.Model")

  • Open file /Levels/Level21/Model.lua and change level number on line 7

               self.levelId = 21

  • Add line 24 in /ScenesManager.lua

              M.levels[21] = "Levels.Level21.View"

  • Add new level select button in /LevelSelectModule/View.lua, line 240

                buttonsCreator.createButton(buttonsParent, 64+display.contentWidth, 364, 21)

  • Update line 6 in /GlobalDataManager/DataModel.lua

               M.maxLevels = 21


Ads and Analytics:

  • Please insert your App Key in /AdManager.lua, line 18 to use Appodeal Ads

                appodeal.init( adListener, { appKey="YOUR_KEY" } )

  • Please insert your appName and trackingID in /LoggingManager.lua, line 3 to use Google Analytics

                googleAnalytics.init( “appName”, "trackingID" )



Find the game on tht Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.drshhenk.RagdollFootballSimulator

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Jun 01 2018

May 28 2018




Appodeal, Google Analytics