Jelly Garden

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COMPLETE project in the BEST traditions of the Candy Game Style, with map and 100 tested levels. Use it like a complete game or create more levels and your own UNIQUE game design. 

LEADBOARD via FB. Compete with your friends. 

POWERFUL TOOL with EDITOR for easy development of match-3 games, built on proven Unity 3D technology. 

Concentrate only on the Game Design. You don't need programming skills! 

WebDEMO || Android DEMO 
How to build on iOS 
Changes and update manual 

Jelly Garden Match 3 includes: 

- LEVEL editor 
- IAP editor 
- POPUP editor 
- GUI helper 
- ADS controller 
- Friends on a MAP 

This game has everything that you could as simple as possible and faster to create a games of your dream: 

✔ Map 
✔ Admob Rewarded Ads 
✔ UnityADS 
✔ Level EDITOR 
✔ Leadboard 
✔ Friends on a MAP 
✔ Visual Tutorial 
✔ Ads controller 
✔ 100 tested LEVELS 
✔ Cross platform Android and IOS 
✔ Different IAPs 
✔ Great Visual and Sounds effects 
✔ Five game obstacles 
✔ Many game features 
✔ Easy for reskin 
✔ Gems shop 
✔ Shop of Life refill 
✔ Facebook "share" button 
✔ "Rate us" button 

Those features provides you the best opportunities! 

* Save a time 
* Doesn't require a programming skills 
* Unique level design 
* Easy for reskin 
* Clear documentation 
* Easy for improvement 

If you buy this Asset you will receive: 

- Hight Quality asset 
- Really Fast support 
- Best Match 3 games 

You don't need to hire a programmer to insert advertising network and for Facebook integrate. We did it for you! 

We work a lot on the project, that you get a quality product. That allows you to earn good money. If you find a bug or have some suggestions please contact us. 

Asset constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support. We are always happy to help you understand the project and give recommendations for further development. 

Recommended Unity3D 5.3. or higher. - support email 

Please leave your rating for this Asset. We are really appreciate it! 

Thank you! 

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Jul 04 2018

May 28 2018



Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

Monetization (interstitials, rewarded ads, in-apps), Unity analytics, Facebook, Friends on Map, Leadboard with friends

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