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The best card game for 1-vs-1 playing.

  • Pack has 36 cards.
  • Yours 18 cards and 18 cards of opponent.
  • 6 cards are in the your hand, 6 cards are closed at table, 6 cards are opened over closed cards.
  • You can move any opened card from table or hand.
  • When card removed from table - the closed card is opened.
  • Objective is to get tricks as many as you can.
  • To win you need to get at least 9 tricks.
  • Also there is a random trump in each set.
  • If player have not suit which opponent moved, player MUST answer trump card.

Good luck!


Additional information

Nov 20 2018

Nov 20 2018



Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

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