Our general game template gives you pre-coded splash screens, menu screen, settings screen, very crude skeleton of a game screen (just to show you where to build your actual game code), and magical handling of game and setting save files. Nobody wants to spend time having to build any of this stuff from scratch before getting stuck in to actual game code!

Includes editable SVG vector files for each button variant so that you can easily replace or add to the menu and setting screens.

Applovin is built in and ready to use for monetisation. Just add in your AppLovin key and call showAdvert() whenever you want an ad to show.

Game and settings save files are handled automatically. Just call writeGameFile() at any point in your game to generate a save file and the menu will automatically enable a Load Game button to resume that data.

Simply swap out the sample splash screen images, the menu and settings scene background images and logo, and start building your game code.

Detailed usage instructions available at

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Dec 14 2018

Dec 09 2018


Added a dud initial splash scene because the Corona splash interferes with the first scene transition. This way, the interference...
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Android , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS


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