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In 2018 this tiny project was made for Corona Labs by Papa Buba Diop
It is a parody clone of a very popular game of 2013-14 years – Flappy Bird.

The target of this project is to show you how to create an app just in 200 lines. 
You know the original game earned $50K per day in iOS platform. 
Just in 200 lines, you can repeat this success.

It supports 320×568 resolution screens, and the code didn’t follow MVC practices to develop a huge serious project.

The app uses the old fashion pixels graphics good enough for any resolutions, 
so I decided to edit original images, which are great for prototyping.

It also tested for html5 build and works the same way on all mobile, browser and desktop platforms.

During development, some fixes and improvements were also introduced in Corona. 
The html5 support was improved, as was desktop support.

Source code facts
1 config file, 200 code lines, 100 comment lines.

Corona SDK was used to save and read users preferences - high scores etc. 
VK Direct Games was used to save best scores in VKontakte
Appodeal was used for showing ads to earn a few cents.


To use the demo, please download Corona Daily Build from May 2018 or later.

Flappy bird is a demo project, provides useful examples and best practices for both newbies and experienced developers.

Grab the source and start working on your own version or download one of the pre-built versions to see what the game is like.

Try Html5 live app.


Additional information

May 03 2018

May 03 2018



Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

Appodeal, VK Direct Games