Five Letters

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Five letters is a project for Corona SDK exploring the word game genre. This word game will present 5 scrambled letters to the player and it's the players job to create a word. For example, the player may get the letters e-r-o-s-c and they player must tap the letters s-c-o-r-e to correctly spell the word. The player must correctly spell the letter within the time limit, otherwise it's game over!


- Explore the word game genre 

- Revmob integration 

- Utility functions such as suffleTable split a string into an array 

- High score tracking 

- Simple health bar

- Documented code (how well is a loose term)


You are free to re-publish this game as is, but you cannot redistribute or resell the graphic assets. For the Photoshop files, please visit and look under Graphics. If you posted a link to my website from your website, it would mean a lot to me! I have other resources focused on Corona SDK such as additional graphics and tutorials.


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Apr 05 2018

Dec 22 2016


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