Endless Sk8boarder

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This is an open-source prototype of a skateboard-themed endless runner game. It's not a complete game, but a starting point for learning modern game programming techniques using Corona and Lua. It includes free-to-use modules for common game functions including:

  • Skateboarding physics
  • Rails, pickups, and endless procedurally-generated terrain
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Tiled import of UI screens
  • Score counter
  • Game FX package (ponyfx.lua)

Check out this series of videos outlining the prototype's design and functionality.

This is the third part of Ponywolf's series of projects which aim to help new developers use Corona while also sharing solid game design concepts. Part 1 is Match 3 Space RPG and Part 2 is Sticker Knight Platformer.


Additional information

Apr 04 2018

Jan 18 2017


Initial release


Android , Mac OS X , Windows , iOS