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This is the full source code of the game CubX - A new concept of Tetris with a very rich gameplay and game modes.

Main features and technical points covered in this project:
  • Multitouch gesture
  • Image mask utilization
  • Admob integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Share on Facebook/Twitter/Emails...
  • Multilingual
  • Score saving
  • Game progress saving
  • Leaderboard (for both Google Play & IOS Game Center)
  • Achievements (for both Google Play & IOS Game Center)
  • Sfx sound
  • Multiplayers
  • Interactive help (to show how to play)
  • Sprites utilization
  • Rating reminder
  • Booster objects to unlock
Game modes:
  • Classic (classic tetris blocks only, from top to bottom direction only)
  • CubX (classic tetris blocks + new CubX blocks, from top to bottom & from bottom to top directions)
  • Arcade (CubX mode with obstacles)
  • Time Trial (Destroy obstacle blocks before the timer runs out)
  • Contract (Do exactly what the game ask you to do, if you fail, it's game over)
  • Missions (hundreds of mission to achieve and to unlock, unlocking achievements will unlock boosters that you can use in any mode)
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Apr 05 2018

Nov 10 2017


Initial release