Crimson Legion

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Crimson Legion is a game template built using Corona SDK that features a base defense style gameplay. In this game, the player must shoot down oncoming enemies before they hit the base. The player will then earn money for upgrades to make it further in the game.

During the game, the player can tap the screen to fire bullets in the specified direction. At the starting levels, enemies will have 1 life and this will be increased as the players level increases. The frequency of shots will be restricted by the red timer below the player base. There is an optional upgrade the player can purchase to decrease this time limit. If the player gets stuck, the player can launch the super shot which will launch a bullet in all directions. The super shot can be used on a limited time basis.

The player can upgrade their shot frequency, income rate, additional lives, more damage, faster bullets, and a better gun. The better gun upgrade will allow the player to shoot an additional bullet.

I’ve chosen to use Vungle video ads within the game. At the end of every game, there is a 50% chance the player will be forced to watch an ad. Additionally, the player can watch an ad to earn 50 in-game bucks on the upgrades screen.

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Apr 05 2018

Dec 30 2016


Fixed super shot bullets not being removed on menu return.

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