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This tool is aimed for the Corona SDK for faster

platformer prototyping and game developing

You can make a rectangle walk and jump in seconds


It's lightweight. Only five kilobytes, less than
100 lines of code.

Change properties. You can set jump, left and right
buttons and change player's speed and jump strengh.

Gamepad. Basic support for a gamepad controller.
Just connect it and start playing.


What's include?

LICENSE.txt, the license file

readme.txt, for tool docummentation

coromer.lua, the engine/tool for faster prototyping

main.lua, simple template with commented code to start with, a project using perspective.lua and the core code from Coromer


$ 1.5
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Oct 02 2019

May 07 2019


Some new files added.

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Android , HTML5 , Windows , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

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