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This tool is aimed for the Corona SDK for faster

platformer prototyping and game developing

You can make a rectangle walk and jump in seconds




  • It's lightweight. Only five kilobytes, less than

        200 lines of code.


  • Change properties. You can set jump, left and right

        buttons and change player's speed and jump strengh.


  • Gamepad. Basic support for a gamepad controller.

        Just connect it and start playing!


  • Tools. Each major update comes with a new tool.


What's include?

LICENSE.txt, the license file

readme.txt, for tool docummentation

coromer.lua, the engine/tool for faster prototyping

main.lua, simple template with commented code to start with, a project using perspective.lua and the core code from Coromer

Common tools folder

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Additional information

Oct 22 2019

Oct 21 2019


-Better organized and modulated code (new scripts folder)
-Fully Drag 'n Drop support for physics

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Android , HTML5 , Windows , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS , tvOS

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