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This is a game mechanics exploration of the game: "Chilly Snow".

It is the slimmed down version of the 'Downhill Skiing - Skinning And Modding Template'.

It focuses purely on the core game mechanics.

If you need a fully reskinnable and functional game template, grab 'Downhill Skiing - Skinning And Modding Template' instead.

Credit: Mechanic Icon in images created by CC from 'Noun Project'.

Note: This product does not currently have external docs.  The code is internally commented and should be easy to follow.

The products uses SSK for some heavy lifting and its docs can be found here: SSK2 Docs.

Note: The docs link is for the 'Downhill Skiing - Skinning And Modding Template' but it is partially applicable to this template as well.


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Jun 18 2018

Jun 16 2018



Android , HTML5 , iOS , macOS , tvOS


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