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Character Creator is a project template for character/avatar customization scenes which are often present in RPG / MMORPG type of games. Using Character Creator, you can easily integrate a character creation/generation scene into the project with customizable character name, race, gender, and body parts (head, body, legs).

Assets can easily be replaced with the developer's own assets and the UI element positions can easily be arranged.

Core features

  • Customize character assets simply by changing a variable.
  • Easily change scene layout to fit portrait or landscape orientation by adjusting corresponding values — no need to dive deep into the code.
  • Simply change table values to add or remove a gender/race.
  • Easily create new dropdown lists if you need anything other than gender and race.

Additional information

May 09 2018

Jan 11 2017


* Added an important detail to the docs and code comments about race and gender's role in the file structure.

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Android , HTML5 , Windows Desktop , iOS , macOS