Bird Climb - Skinning and Modding Template

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This is a full implementation of a 'Bird Climb' clone and includes these features:

  • Full Game Code + Endless Levels
  • Interfaces: Splash, Home, About, Pause, Game Over, Store.
  • Ads: Banner, Interstitial (selectable frequency), Rewarded Videos to get coins and/or to continue playing.
  • Store:  IAP ->  Coin packs, NoAds, or Unlock All; Coins -> Birds.
  • Twitter (requires plugin)
  • Activity Popup: Share via any installed social apps on iOS.
  • Rating:  Modern Popup for iOS 10.3+, Fallback store link for iOS 10.2-, and Google Play app store link for Android
  • Extra Hooks: Achievements, Leaderboard, Facebook.
  • 6 Interface/Art Themes
  • 50+ page modding guide.
  • In Simulator Ads: Use the 'fake  ads' feature to develop and test faster.

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Jun 22 2018

Jun 13 2018


Fixes a missing reference to the 'pauseButton'.

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Android , iOS

AppLovin / Appodeal / IAP / Twitter

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