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A basic implementation of the classic game "Asteroids," one of the foundational games that all serious game developers should re-make at least once because it explores some truly fundamental mechanics like movement, scoring, levels, spawning, single-screen camera with wrapping, etc.


  • Fully modular design.
  • Implements all basic mechanics of the original game: motion, collision, firing, asteroid movement, and screen wrapping.
  • Provides simple level format that can be expanded or modified into a fully generative version.
  • Free-to-use art and sound assets.
  • Basic house ads module (cross-market your own apps easily).
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May 28 2018

May 25 2018


By popular request, keyboard support has been added.
Package now contains:
+ 001_Asteroids - Modular
+ 002_Asteroids - Modular...
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Android , HTML5 , Mac OS X , Windows Desktop , iOS